The second range of items for Spring 2023 are now available online.

This release expands upon the foundational elements of textured, layered wear. New synergies are introduced through items that allow for unconventional and varied styling possibilities.

The second of our custom developed fabrics take shape in the form of the collarless jacket and fatigue pants. Offered in lead, carbon, and triple black, subtle manipulations in color and order of the woven yarns lend each variation a distinctive personality. The jacket occupies a versatile position in the wardrobe, adaptable both as a mid or outer layer.

Additional iterations of the field shirt are introduced in exo and endo grey, 2 different fabrics of contrasting characteristics. Derived from the separated layers of a double cloth fabric, both surfaces display traces of thread where they were once bound together. The lightweight and sheer qualities of the endo grey invites for layered wear with other shirting styles. Both versions have once again been finished with a soot garment dye for individual irregularities and a worn-in look.

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